New Track with #1 Billboard artist Vandell Andrew!!

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So very excited to announce I’ve just completed a fantastic new recording with #1 Billboard artist, Vandell Andrew!! He’s a transport from Louisiana to Dallas, and is a completely sick, disgusting (read: amazing, incredible) saxophonist who I’ve worked with and produced before. I really wanted to do something different this time around with him, though. Instead of sticking to the normal smooth jazz flavor he’s best known for, I pushed him to get a bit more outside of the box, and the result is this track – “Keep Going.” It’s like a lounge/house/chill vibe (very Café Del Mar vibe) mixed with a smooth jazz saxophone caramel on top. Slightly pop flavored, but still produced in a very lounge-y way. He did all of his recording the first day, and a lot of it is on the very first take! Please check it out now, and tell me what you think. It’s a great vibe, and something I’m proud to have done with him! Enjoy!

Josh Goode is a Dallas, TX based record producer specializing in pop, dance, country, and singer/songwriter projects. Music is his passion, and tex mex is his muse.