Alexi Hill was a brand new singer-songwriter a short while ago, with ideas of songs bouncing around in her head…and a ukulele. I think she might have had a guitar too, but when I met her every song on her EP had been written on the ‘ol uke. Crazy, huh? I wish I could post the demos so you could see how much these songs evolved from just a small idea to some of the larger arrangements. But they made it there, one way or another. Her father Ralph also had a hand in the production, and had several ideas on how things should be placed and how the songs should sound. Together, we produced her very first EP of her very first songs written, “Luna.”

“Towers” is the standout track to me, a gorgeous and organic escapade into a dream filled with lush strings and wonderful guitar work by the genius Daran DeShazo. It gives me chills every time. I hope you enjoy it!

– J