This is the soon-to-be hit single “Cotton On Concrete” that I co-wrote with Blake Burrow. The song itself has already gained a lot of traction on the internet, and will be his second single on the radio following his first Texas radio hit “Left Of Right.”

Blake had the original idea for the song and I was lucky enough that he wanted to co-write it with me. I think we hammered out the entire idea in a few sessions, but at least had the vibe of the song figured out in the first few hours. It’s a cool story about a guy and girl where the guy’s a country kid and just can’t relegate himself to being a city boy, regardless of how much he loves the girl. In typical Blake Burrow fashion, Blake came up with the concept and it’s a rock solid lyric. I absolutely love that line “If I could grow Cotton on Concrete, you might be mine, etc.” What fantastic imagery!

We had a blast writing this song, and I know it’s gonna do great things for his career. I can’t wait to see what happens after the world hears this song!! Straight to number one, baby!! Be sure and like and share this one to let everyone know you heard the new hit Blake Burrow single here first! This one was produced by Beau Bedford.