Chris Chism contacted me in early 2016 about making some recordings. He said that he’d heard my name around town (always a good thing when that happens) and that he was just looking to make some great recordings. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m obsessive about just that – making GREAT recordings. When Chris Chism and I met, he was warm, humble…and immensely talented. I was absolutely blown away by his story, and the message of the first song he wanted to record “Don’t Stay There.”

The song is a message of hope (coincidentally, Chris Chism is the music director at the Cathedral Of Hope) and was written for those who have been through really rough times and who might need to hear an inspirational message. His passionate delivery for the song truly is the uniqueness of the Chris Chism brand, and one that I’m pleased to have captured on tape. The song was (as always) mixed by my magic master engineer partner in crime, Bradley Prakope.

Thanks again to Chris Chism for involving me in this project. I’m humbled and honored to have been a part of it, and I can’t wait for you guys to hear what we’ve cooked up next!! 🙂