Dana Harper is the daughter of Derek Harper, ex-Dallas Maverick superstar and current sports commentator. Let’s just get that out of the way, in case she looks familiar. But that voice….oooohhhhhh….DAMN!! When the world finally catches up to her and finds out what she can really do, they’re going to quickly realize who the real superstar is. Dana is a beautiful soul, and she was a dream to record. Bradley Prakope and I produced this record back in 2009 and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. to do!! I arranged for a 12 piece big band tune (Basics of Me) a reggae tune (The Beach), had multiple string and horn arrangements to do – and so many other cool surprises. I wrote a few of the songs on the album for her myself (Basics, I Don’t Want To Write This Song, Babygirl) and we collaborated on several others (Bradley was the lead writer on “The Truth Lies in Consequence”. Also appearing was her best friend Chanice Condren as a songwriter and backup vocalist. Chanice wrote “Hummingbird” and it is a tremendously gorgeous song. So get ready for the ride – it ain’t basketball, but it will bring you up and down, over and over again. Mixed by Bradley Prakope.