This was Ellen Once Again’s second EP with me, and I was so proud to get to work with her again. She is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and she is absolutely as bright and shiny of a person as her music would suggest. It’s obviously infectious, as several of her songs have been used by Glee, PopSugar, Dance Moms, Manhattan Love Story (ABC) and many other TV shows. Little known fact: we almost didn’t record the title track, “Another Chance To Live.” We had already gone through and basically finished the other songs, and at one of the last sessions she said ” you know, I’ve got this one other song I might want to record, would you listen to it and tell me if you like it?” She pressed play, and my jaw hit the floor. Her demo was a bit busier than what actually ended up being the record, but that was a good thing. It motivated me to move *everything* out of the way of her beautiful voice, and led me to the production that now exists as the song. I’m very proud to haveĀ produced this EP with her, and if you love happy music and great songs, you’re going to listen to Ellen Once Again a lot more than just “once” again. šŸ™‚ Co-produced and mixed by the wizard himself, Bradley Prakope.