Erica Perry ‘s EP is a great example of how much a songwriter can grow during the process of working with Bradley and I. When she first started working with us, she was a complete novice. She had never written a song, and only had aspirations to do so. But, being the tenacious person that she is, she had her mind made up to be a songwriter, and dammit – that’s what she became!

We probably recorded 10-12 demos for this EP and she wrote many more during the process. I had to play the “bad guy” a lot, unfortunately. She would walk in with 6 1/2 minute songs that didn’t really work commercially, that had too many verses, wandering melodies, and plenty of other mistakes – just like any other new songwriter. But for every critique, I give Erica absolute credit – Erica Perry dusted herself off, fixed the song, and kept trying. I can honestly assume that during the process of producing this EP she probably didn’t like me very much. But – by the time it was done, she finally “got it.” And oh man, was she happy. And so were we.

She continued to grow and blossom and now I can honestly say that now Erica Perry is one of my favorite people to write with, and someone I am honored to call one of my good friends. Her tenacity has served her very well, and now she has a become a top-notch songwriter, always coming to the table with fantastic ideas. We’ve written some AMAZING songs since this EP, and I can’t wait to work with her again. Mixed and expertly co-produced by the madman himself, Bradley Prakope.