Jared Schwartz is a monster vocalist, let’s just get that out of the way. He graduated from the Eastman School of Music and is an incredibly talented vocal professor and a monster in the studio. We got the pleasure of recording his debut album, “Hope” in 2011, and although it was a very different project for us to do we absolutely jumped at the chance to do such a grandiose production. The bulk of the arranging work landed on my shoulders, as it was an orchestral project and required a MASSIVE amount of string arranging (yes, please) and full orchestral work. I had such a blast doing this project. Highlights of this project included recording members of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and the Ft. Worth Symphony Orchestra. Not only did we get to record a full orchestra in the studio, we also recorded choir, chamber strings, and the regular guitar/bass/drums type ensembles. So, so great.

Jared wrote all the songs, and Bradley and I helped realize his vision to it’s fullest potential. Ultimately, he wanted it to be HUGE, and we definitely got there. Get ready for a totally different type of album from Bradley Prakope and myself – this one is amazing. Expertly mixed and co-produced by Bradley Prakope.