I met Katie Carroll at a hamburger joint. She shyly told me she was a singer/songwriter, and I asked her if she had recorded anything yet. She told me “no,” so I set up a meeting with her to hear some of her work and see if it was a good fit to work together. When we met, she was nervous and uncomfortable. She hadn’t played her songs for many people and (to my knowledge) had never played a live show. When she sang and played, however, I was mesmerized. She has this angelic quality to her voice that is both innocent and broken at the same time, and the melodies she crafts are beautifully inspired and haunting.

She didn’t know any of the names of the chords she was playing. She called them “happy” or “pensive” or “almost there.” She attached the emotion to the chord, which is all you really need to know anyways. As we began working on her record, she would send me lyrics prior to the pre-production session and I’ll admit – sometimes I thought they were trite. However, when I heard her lyrics with her singing them, over her melodies and chords – it always made sense. Katie has that incredible knack for crafting easily recognizable songs, in a format that is both accessible and new at the same time. She might put some irregular phrasing in her songs (ex. “I Want You”) and she wont’ even realize it. She doesn’t write to any particular form or rule. She writes from the heart. She writes to expel the emotions that are inside of her, and to exorcise the demons through song. I love her music, and I love her as a person. I am so fortunate to have produced this record with Bradley Prakope, as it was the beginning of a long journey in recording between ourselves and Katie. Every time I listen to “Paper Girl” (the song) I still can’t believe I produced it. This album is a total gem for those that love intimate singer/songwriter records and it was a treasure for me to have recorded and played on it. I hope you like it too!