“Senseless” is ground zero for my production career.

While GoodeVibes Music was the beginning of my work with Bradley Prakope, this EP marked the first time I had ever truly produced anything, aside from a few small band projects I did while living in Austin. And even then – it was barely production before this. I was just a guy the bands knew who had some recording gear and knew how to use it…kindof. If I could unearth those tapes that would really be something to laugh at.

I met Liz Williams at an open mic night in Dallas, and after her set I approached her (albeit extremely humbly) and asked if I could help her with her songs. Had she said “no” I may have never asked another artist again, but thankfully she agreed. I loved her voice, and loved her vibe – but the songs needed work and I felt like I had a good enough handle on songwriting to help her get better material. Or, in other words, I was young and arrogant enough to think that I had all the answers. I didn’t and I still don’t; but you have to start somewhere.

So back in 2005 we began to work on these songs. It took Liz Williams and I two years of working on and off to finish this EP, which in terms of recording 5 song – was an eternity. Thankfully for this first effort (as I had yet to meet the mastermind himself, Bradley Prakope) I was helped by the ever gracious and talented Alex Gerst. Alex engineered and mixed the EP and it was mastered by another local Dallas guru, Derek Taylor.

Enjoy this little piece of my history, as there’s a lot of heart and soul in it.