This is where GoodeVibes Music began.

Bradley Prakope and I met in 2007, at the Liz Williams “Senseless” CD release party (my first EP I had produced, we were mutual friends) and found that we had very complimentary skill sets within minutes of talking to each other. We both complained about the lack of integrity and high standards in production value in Dallas, and desired to take everything we did to that proverbial “next level.”

Our first project that we did together was a few songs for “The Imposter” movie (featuring Kevin Max) proved that we could work together very well. After deciding to form as a production team, Bradley was contacted by a quiet 17 yr-old named Patricia Lee (aka. Plee) who wanted to do an album. We met with her and her mother, and began the work on what would be our very first album together.

It was a magical process, which in total took us around 6 months to complete (total amateurs, lol). But – we got to hire some of the best session players we had both ever worked with (Curt Bisquera and Bob Parr, among many others) and the project was 100% natural. No programming, all real instruments. You’ll hear vibraphones, marimbas, autoharps, strings, horns, etc, etc, etc. Grooveline Horns made an appearance on “Friendly Fire” as well. There’s a tuba and clarinet on one track, strings on many others, and some wonderfully weird moments that happen all over the record.

I can’t say enough about how special this record is to me, and I hope when you listen to it that it touches you in some way as well. It truly lives up to it’s title “Heirloom.” To my knowledge, Plee has never recorded anything else, and may never do another record. It was a beautiful moment in time, and it served us all well. For Plee, it was a beautiful transition for her from childhood to adulthood. To be honest – I think it was the same for Bradley and I, musically speaking.