I first met Sarah Sellers through a mutual friend who knew of my production skills and connected us. She had been on American Idol Season 10, and was looking to work on new material and start honing in further on her sound. Originally the goal was “Joss Stone meets the Black Keys”. So, we wrote about 20 songs around that style. She had a show opening up for Monica at the House of Blues, and although it was received really well – she still didn’t feel like it represented her style perfectly – it was all a bit too much rock.

You see, all artists like LOTS of different styles of music, but finding the style that suits your voice and vibe best is a difficult process, and frankly – it just takes time. So Sarah Sellers and I wrote…and wrote….and wrote. We explored several different genres, and finally came across this song. “The Way You Love Me” originally started as an acoustic guitar idea that we composed sitting in my back yard, listening to the trees rustle and letting the ideas flow freely. I hit the right major and minor chords, and she instantly started singing; the song flowed easily from there.

Funny enough, it still went through a few permutations before becoming what it ultimately was meant to be, song and chord-wise. However, we eventually got there and she absolutely loved it. She released a killer video along with the song expertly done by Matt Thornbury, and it premiered on Yahoo Music! in 2014. Expertly mixed by Bradley Prakope. Be sure and check out what’s going on next for Sarah Sellers at her official website.