It was a really fun process remixing this song, as it was one of my first attempts at remixing something I had originally produced and recorded. Normally when I do a remix, it’s a pre-existing song that I haven’t been involved in the creation of the master recording, so I can come at it with a really fresh perspective, not having written the original. I’d say it took me about two months to live with the idea of remixing it before I could actually approach the song from a completely fresh perspective and give it my best creative attempts. I wanted to keep the sexiness of the original Sarah Sellers recording alive, so I brought on Vandell Andrew to lay down some tenor and alto saxophone solos, and he absolutely killed it. The solos he played on this track were all basically first takes. We may have changed down a few notes, but these was all his first ideas – he was just on *fire*. He’s an amazing player, and I was lucky to get him on this track. Be sure to go to the official Sarah Sellers Soundcloud and check out her other remixes of the song as well! As always, expertly mixed by Bradley Prakope.