I’ve always loved Vandell Andrew’s playing. He’s an incredible instrumentalist who has already conquered the Billboard Charts once (#1 in Smooth Jazz), and who…well….keeps going (see what I did there?). šŸ™‚ We wrote this song with the absolute intent to NOT be smooth jazz or soul jazz, but rather merge the worlds of house music, chill lounge music and his view of smooth jazz melodies. Smooth Jazz has a box that it likes to stay insideĀ and while he can already win at that game, we wanted to be outside of that box. This song is the result of that experiment. As always, most of the takes in this song are his first efforts. We basically wrote the melody by singing back and forth to each other and then I would record a scratch version of his performance. Funny thing is, with Vandell you’ll want to keep the first take. So most of them are his first impressions, and I think it came out really well. The whole thing was pure inspiration, and if you’ve done this long enough you know that keeping yourself in that inspired zone is totally key to capturing magic. So we did, and we kept going. This one was expertly mixed by Bradley Prakope. Check him out when you’re ready for your music to sound like it should. Enjoy!