Label Rates:

Pop, Dance or Programmed Track – $2500

Live Track – varies by players hired, and studios used. Please contact me for pricing. Day rate is $1000/day for live session work.

Vocals – $100/hr.

Indie Rates:

Pop, Dance or Programmed Track – $600 minimum. $300 non-refundable deposit to start work. $300 (or balance) upon completion. After 10 hours of work, $50/hr to complete.

Live Track – the cost varies greatly by the studio you use, players hired and time spent. Meet with me to discuss your budget and needs. I have relationships with SEVERAL studios and players at all budgets. My day rate is $500/day for live studio work.

Vocals – $50/hr.


All mixes of my work will be completed by Bradley Prakope of Nashville, TN at his current indie or label rate, with no exception. Please refer to for his current rates.


I am happy to do any various recording you need at my studio ($50/hr. for indie projects and $100/hr. for label projects). This includes demos, vocals, acoustic or electric guitar recording and all small instruments (no drums).


$50/hr. This includes all one-off horn and string arrangements, song arrangements or professional charts needed for sessions. Contact me now to ensure sure your arrangements are PRO!!

Film Scoring:

Depends on scope of work. Please email for pricing.