Horns horny horns horns.

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Recording Horns @ Audio Dallas

Had a great day today cutting some horns at Audio Dallas! My good friend and client Charles Collins needed some alto and tenor sax, bone, and trumpet on a tune today, so I got to arrange and cut horns on “People Make The World Go Round” a revised version of the classic hit for Charles’ new upcoming EP.

The song itself is pretty hairy. Lots of meter changes, and the horns play a very important role in the recording. Alto sax took the lead, and then tenor sax, bone and trumpet filled out the vibe. Thankfully I had Randy Lee on sax (whom I’d never worked with before – amazing player) Gaika James on trombone and Keith Jourdan on trumpet. I’ve worked with Gaika and Keith several times before and they’re really solid players; some of my favorite to work with in town. Being a horn player myself (I started on trombone) I’m pretty particular when I’m cutting horns. Although Charles is producing the EP himself, he’ll let me chime in when I hear something weird, not that I had to that often.

Overall it was just another magic day in the studio, pretty easy really. Randy laid down a great solo on sax and flute, and Keith and Gaika did great as well. As always we were assisted by the lovely and talented Paola Ramirez, and Paul Osborn did with the setup and mic placement. When I have pros like that around, even though I could find the sounds, I always refer to him first. He knows his room really well, and he can get you the sounds quickly and easily.

So lucky to be doing what I’m doing. If I could spend every day arranging horns, I’d probably be pretty content! 🙂 Have a great day everyone!

– J

Josh Goode is a Dallas music producer specializing in pop, dance, country, and singer/songwriter projects. Music is his passion, and tex mex is his muse.