Lose Control with Dezi 5!!!

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Get ready for it – this is a BANGING new dance track I just produced with Dallas’ newest pop and dance sensation, Dezi 5!! Dezi’s music is very high energy, and he is a great songwriter and an *amazing*, completely over-the-top live performer as well. The Dallas Observer recently called him one of Dallas’ best kept secrets and hottest R+B acts in town.

Dezi originally contacted me to record vocals for him, but when I heard this song in it’s raw form I HAD to get on it and help out with the production. I had been wanting to work with Dez for a while, so it was an honor and a treat to finally get to sit down and see what his artistic vision looked like and help him get the production to where he needed it to be. Dezi is VERY hands on, and he has a *very* specific vision for what he wants his music to sound like and that’s always great for me in a client.

I always prefer working with people that have a specific creative vision because ultimately I view my job as helping the artist SHINE, not find ways to create my own thing in leiu of what they might want. If I want to make music for myself, I’ll do it alone – it’s not my place to interrupt the creative flow of my artists. I’m your advisor, and I’m your aid to realize your artistic vision, but ultimately this is YOUR music and you have to LOVE it!! If you don’t love it, you can’t sell it. Also if you don’t love it – I didn’t do my job right. However, in Dezi’s case we did a great job and…he ended up loving it! Here’s the finished product and I hope you guys enjoy it too! Listen to it, and go ahead and let yourself “Lose Control.” (See what I did there? womp womp)

– J

Josh Goode is a Dallas, TX based record producer specializing in pop, dance, country, and singer/songwriter projects. Music is his passion, and tex mex is his muse.