Writing, writing, writing…


Been a great week for songwriting! Just finished up writing singles for Samantha Leal, Erica Perry, and Sarah Sellers!! Sammi does country-RAWK, Erica is an amazing country writer, and Sarah’s sound is somewhere in between the Black Keys and Joss Stone….currently. All genres mentioned in the above sentence are subject to change!! Either way, each one of these artists is amazing in their own right, and I’m really excited to be writing with them!

It’s such a blast for me to get to write so many different songs with so many different people. Every time I do it’s just like the first time, I swear. I feel just as nervous, work just as hard, and sweat just as many tears to make it happen. Songwriting is really weird – for the longest time I thought I could “beat it.” Like, quantify it, or put it into a box, or process – but you can’t. It’s a creative art that has to be inspired, and so all I really do now is wait to be inspired. Sometimes it comes, sometimes it doesn’t. But when it does…oh man, is it great.