Josh Goode is a two-time Emmy award winning Dallas music producer, songwriter, composer, and DJ. He is constantly looking for new ways to make great music with artists, whether established or new to recording. He received his degree in Music Theory and Composition from The University of Texas in Austin in 2001, loves to teach, and has a voracious appetite for Tex-Mex. He has composed music for several films, countless jingles, and has written thousands of songs. He is best at producing pop, dance, country, and singer/songwriter projects but is also hired frequently to arrange for strings and horns in any genre.


Josh Goode Producer

As a record producer, it’s my job to help you figure out the best way to record, arrange, and present your song to the world. I’m here to help you find the DNA of what makes you a great artist, and help you exploit that to the world.

Making a great record is all about the decisions made in instrumentation, performance, and trackingWhen speaking to legendary producer Greg Penny once, he said something that truly blew my mind. He said “It’s not about production, it’s about reduction.” It’s not about what you can put into a song. Making a great record is all about how you can make only the core elements of a song shine, and bring out its essence. That’s the key.

There’s also a huge difference between making a “recording” and making a record. With the advances in today’s technology, anybody can throw up a microphone, get sounds on tape and make a recording. If you have Garageband, you can record something. But making a record is a special process that takes time, intent, and patience.

I don’t want to rush through the process of making a “recording” with your music, just so you can have some sounds on tape. I want to make a record with you, and help you make something that will last a lifetime for you and your fans.


Josh Goode Songwriter - Wurlitzer

While I love to just sit down and write by myself, I’ve found that I really excel at helping people make their songs better. This is what got me into producing, and it’s still one of my favorite things to do. Not everyone’s a born songwriter, so don’t beat yourself up if you’re not there yet. Sometimes people are fantastic at coming up with great lyrics, but struggle with melodies. Some are great with the music side of writing, but have trouble coming up with lyrics. And then some people have great ideas for songs, but can’t figure out where to start. If any of these sound like you, I can help.

My background in teaching and my extensive music theory background have become the most helpful skills for my co-writing sessions. I’m incredibly patient, and have infinite options to the proverbial question “what do I do next?” It is truly my pleasure to help your song grow from its infant stages to being grown-up songs and I absolutely love the process!!

I work with all levels of writers. Don’t think that if you’ve only got unfinished songs that I won’t be interested in working with you – in fact, the opposite is probably true!! I almost prefer writing with less experienced writers that have unfinished ideas just because I love watching songs grow, and I love helping people. So if you need help, contact me! I’d love to help you out!


Josh Goode Arranger

I have been composing professional string and horn arrangements for clients over the last 10 years, and absolutely love this type of work. I have arranged strings and horns for orchestral projects, pop projects, country projects, dance projects, and indie/singer-songwriter projects. Most importantly, I understand the subtle differences within these genres, and know what’s needed for these different types of arrangements. I have extensive knowledge in how to make string or horn arrangements support your track, and also know how to stay out of the way of your song.

Don’t waste money on your bass player’s friend that plays violin – contact me instead. A small investment in getting it done right will make a huge difference between your track sounding amateur vs. PRO. Whether it’s a programmed arrangement or hiring a full orchestra, I have years of experience with this type of work, and can guarantee you’ll love my work.


Josh Goode Composer

“Composing” music (a.k.a. writing instrumental music) was the whole reason I started pursuing a career in this industry. My first goals were to score movie soundtracks. Later, it was to write commercial jingles. Thankfully, I have been blessed with two Emmy Awards for my work in commercials and TV jingles, and I continue to search for projects that allow me to express myself through the art of syncing music to picture.

I have written scores for both short and feature films, and am well versed in orchestration of all kinds. I also have a massive library of samples to use from sounds of any kind, and can create soundscapes to fit any mood.

Please contact me if you would like to include me in your next project for film or TV.


Josh Goode Remixer

The art of remixing is one near to my heart, as it requires a different harmonic and stylistic approach to truly transform a song. I love the process of taking a lead vocal and the core elements of a song and bringing it to a new world by changing the musical backdrop. I have done several remixes, and continue to hone my skills as a remixer every day.


“Josh Goode is one of the most creative, talented, and kindest musicians I’ve ever worked with. We’re always on the same page, and he brings so much creativity out of me. All my favorite songs I’ve written/recorded were ones I’ve worked on with him!” Scott Hoying of Pentatonix, Sony Records Recording Artist

“Working with Josh is like a breath of fresh air! His musicality, approach to songwriting and production always comes with a twist – which in my book ALWAYS leads to the song sounding great!” Curt Bisquera – Legendary L.A. Session Drummer

“Working with Josh is a wonderful experience. Easy-going and open-minded (most important), talented, fast, great songwriter and accomplished musician…….what more can you ask for when looking for a producer? He nails every genre of music, and delivers the goods!” 
Bob Parr – Legendary Bassist, Remixer, Producer

“Josh is not only a producer, he is an exquisite musician in skill, theory and soul. When I brought my songs to him, he understood the identity of each song and was able to bring them to life, give them flesh. He is a steward of art” Rory Payne – Artist

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Josh in multiple capacities over the last year and his professionalism and pure musicianship is second to none. From songwriting and arranging to managing my show at the House of Blues I have complete confidence in his ability as a producer. His passion for music is infectious and a joy to work with. I highly recommend Josh and I look forward to my future with Goode Vibes Music.” Sarah Goode – Artist

“All I can say is that genius pours out of Mr. Goode!! He has epic melodies that you just can’t get off your mind and lyrics for days! He is my favorite writing partner and I am def one of his number-one fans. I have to say I am blessed to call him a friend and music partner!” Erica Perry – Artist

“Working with Josh has always been a pleasure. He’s a super-talented songwriter, producer, musician and a great guy! What more could you ask for?” Vandell Andrew – Artist

“I have worked with Josh as a fan and a client. His production talents are beyond what I could have ever expected from a producer. He is assertive and knowledgeable. He understands as a musician what your goals are and hones into that to create something you never thought possible. I promise, if you have a vision, by the time you finish working with Josh, you will look back on your original plan and wonder why you put limits on yourself. Josh brings out your best and is motivational and inspiring. He is also a lot of fun to work with. Long hours in the studio seem to pass without the typical frustrations I have had in the past working with others. Josh Goode challenges you in a constructive way and builds on your vision, he doesn’t create his own for you, which I find to be an amazing talent within itself. He is not one-dimensional. Rock, funk, country, gospel, reggae, pop, and probably even dubstep, Josh knows how to make it great.” Brandon Winters – Artist

“Josh is an extraordinarily talented musician, performer, and producer with years of experience. He intuitively knows what works. His assistance with lyrics, arrangements, and vocalization has been invaluable. I sincerely appreciate his unwavering support and encouragement to realize my vision. I hope to continue working with him for years to come.” Saeed Solomon – Artist

“Josh Goode realizes emotion in music.  Not only is his imagination creative enough to hone the artists’ intentions, his technical skill captures the glimpse of hope in every project, so the rest of us can feel it too.” Jack Thomason – Artist

“Working with Josh Goode was the best experience I have ever had in the studio! He helped me reach notes that I didn’t think was possible for myself! His writing is amazing as well and he definitely never disappoints!” Samantha Leal – Artist