I am very thankful to have now produced THREE EP’s with the mega talented Ellen Once Again. She and I have had some great successes with getting her music “out there” from several Pop Sugar uses of the song “I Do” to placements on Glee, Dance Moms, a Hershey’s Kiss commercial, and many more uses of her fantastic music.

Behind the curtain, Ellen Once Again is a dedicated mom of 2, with a sweet tender soul and a passion for writing great songs and communicating her unique (and often optimistic) view on life. As I’ve said before, she is a disgustingly positive individual with a brightness to her person that will light up just about anyone’s soul, and it is definitely reflected in her music…most of the time.

However, this new Ellen Once Again EP exposes more darkness than the usual Ellen, and shows immense growth in her songwriting. I was pleasantly surprised to see her expose a bit more of the depths of her heart in this batch of songs, especially in “Feel Again” and “I Am More”.

As always, it was a joy working with her and I can’t wait for the next batch! This EP also highlights the ever-growing expert ears of Bradley Prakope with the mixes.