Session Player Spotlight: Daran DeShazo

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As a record producer, you are only as good as the musicians you surround yourself with. A great producer only keeps the best musicians he or she can find around to ensure you’ve always got magical performances to sift through. Being a record producer is not unlike being a coach – you may be making the calls, but the players are the ones actually making the plays.

I’m a guitar player, so I’m very picky (gah, pun not intended). And while I’m good enough to play plenty of styles and genres, I still realize my limitations, and I recognize that there are loads of players that are out there that can completely annihilate me on the fretboard, and I’m always happy to have them on the session. Besides, although I play guitar on many of my records (especially acoustic) it’s always better when you’re producing to be behind the glass rather than in the booth. You can’t really be objective as you need to be when you’re the one performing *and* producing. It’s akin to being both director and actor in your own film. You can go back and play the tape and see how you did – but it’s never the same as watching someone else do what they do best.

I first heard of Daran through my guitar teacher (Brad Barnes: great guy, phenomenal teacher) when I moved back to Dallas in 2000. Daran was a classmate of his at UNT, and Brad talked about him almost every lesson. He referenced his tone, his attitude, his technique: it went on and on. I heard so much about Daran that when I finally got the chance to meet him at a live show, I was nervous as hell. Like, sweaty palm nervous.
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